LAW NO. 51/1995 (EXCERPT)

1) The National Association of Romanian Bars - NARB consists of all the bars in Romania and has its headquarters in the capital, Bucharest.

(2) NARB is a legal person of public interest and has its own patrimony and budget.

(3) The budget of the NARB is formed from the Bars‘ contribution, in the amounts set by the Lawyers’ Congress. NARB’s patrimony can be used in revenue-producing activities, according to the law.

(4) The Bar is constituted and operates only within the NARB, according to the present law and the statute of the profession.

(5) NARB is the successor of the Romanian Lawyer’s Union.

Admission Exam

NARB’s Council’s Resolution no. 962 of May, 24, 2014 (excerpt)
(1) The exam will be unitary organized within the National Institute for the Formation and Training of Lawyers-NIFTL(hereinafter NIFTL) and be held at the central NIFTL- Bucharest and its regional centers.
(2) The date of the exam is September 15, 2014, for all candidates, such date having been announced by publication of the NARB’s Council’s Resolution no. 884 dated December 14, 2013.
(3) The examination themes, drafted in accordance with the NARB’s Council’s Resolution no. 961 of March 27, 2014, are attached hereto.
(4) The assignment of candidates for the examination is made by considering the bar to which the registration application for examination has been submitted.


I. Evolution of the legal profession in Romania. Local organisational structures.
1.The activity of lawyers, as practitioners of a liberal profession, was first organised formally back in 19th century under the Law of 6 December 1864, based on which the first corps of lawyers was formed in Romania [1].
The law stipulated that lawyers were obliged to register themselves in every county’s [Rom.judeţ] roll of lawyers, which was kept by a “discipline commission” (Article 3).
If more than 10 lawyers were registered in a county’s roll, a discipline commission had to be formed (Article 6) in order to supervise their activity. The discipline commission and its dean were selected by the lawyers (Article 7). If less than 10 lawyers were registered in a certain county (more...)


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